About us
     Rocbolt Technologies China, is a joint venture between DYWIDAG Systems International and JENNMAR Corporation that strives to be the foremost manufacturer and supplier of specialized ground control products to the underground mining and geotechnical industries of China. Through our combined global presence, we have the unique ability to draw upon expertise from a diverse number of mining locations to deliver sophisticated, safe and cost effective solutions to our clients. Our experienced staff of skilled personnel provides a comprehensive range of industry knowledge and a complete package of high quality ground support products, systems and engineered solutions. Our quest for better solutions and technology is a critical part of our strategy of ongoing research and development. Through this joint venture, we have combined the resources and products of two of the world’s leading suppliers to bring you unparalleled selection and service.
Rocbolt Technologies China Ltd. is a 100% foreign owned enterprise consisting of JM 50% and DSI 50% .The JV is excited to serve the mining and tunneling industries by providing quality products and services.Our main products include rock bolts, cable bolts, cable trusses, friction lok, plates, resin products, and bolting accessories. Our products have been shipped to mines all over China, Phillipines, Canada, Russia, Spain, Australia, and Mongolia.

Rocbolt Technologies China Ltd